Future & Curriculum


Strategic Thinking & Leadership

The mission of RSSC/Central Office is to provide leadership and support to administrators, teachers, board members, and the community, in order to inspire a passion for teaching and learning and ensure all children are challenged and expected to learn. This can be achieved when we establish high expectations, enrich curricula and form mutual partnerships in respectful, caring environments.

The vision for our regional schools is to be strong learning communities. We focus on continuous improvement and creativity, throughout our organization, and strive to resist the temptation of accepting the status quo.

Strategic Plan for School Improvement

Our Regional Strategic Plan for School Improvement sets priorities and focuses our resources, to ensure that we are working toward the goals that have been established and agreed upon by the Region 1 Board of Education. This document will guide what we do and how we serve students, with a focus on the future. Our goal is for all students to be college, career, and citizenship ready.

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Region 1 Curriculum

Region 1 is adopting a common curriculum for all seven schools.

The curricula will be as up to date as possible, but changes can and will occur as we work to ensure that all curricula are of the highest quality and include course standards, connections to our Portrait of a Graduate, and connections to the Habits of Mind.

If you have any questions, please contact the Assistant Superintendent at (860) 824-0855.

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