PowerSchool & SchoolMessenger

PowerSchool is a web-based student information system used by each of our schools that provides valuable information to administrators, teachers, parents and students.

PowerSchool Parent Access
Parents have the ability to log into the Parent Portal to view absence information, real-time grades along with grade history for the current year, teacher comments, school bulletins, and school information. You can also register to receive alert notifications, and, for high school students only, class registration.

SchoolMessenger is a web-based notification system used throughout the district for sending notifications (emergency alerts, school closings, absence calls, newsletters, etc.) via phone, email, and text messaging.

SchoolMessenger Parent Access:
Parents have the ability to log into the Parent Portal to gain access to the SchoolMessenger system. Once logged in, you can customize how you would like to receive notifications and view previous notifications or newsletters. For example, you may wish to have attendance and emergency calls go to your cell phone while general announcements and newsletters are sent to your email. Parents can add several phone numbers to their account which will allow aunts, uncles, neighbors, etc. to receive important alerts.

Directions for SchoolMessenger – Parents
Troubleshooting SchoolMessenger Notifications