In-School Specialists

School Psychologists

 School Psychologists are part of the faculty at the Pupil Services Center. It is the School Psychologist’s goal to help every child succeed academically, socially and emotionally. They collaborate with educators, parents and other professionals to create a safe, healthy and supportive learning environment for all students that strengthens connections between home and school. They work to find the best solution for each student and situation by using different strategies to address student needs and to improve school support systems. They accomplish these goals each day through student assessments, teacher and parent consultations as well as by running individual/group counseling sessions. Below are helpful websites for your reference.

Speech-Language Pathologists

The Pupil Services Center faculty includes Speech-Language Pathologists. Speech-Language Pathologists provide many services for students, parents and other school staff. They are consultants providing information about child and adolescent speech and language development and speech, language and communication delays and disorders. They are evaluators or diagnosticians in the areas of speech, language and communication including the connections between these areas of development and the development of pre-academic and academic skills (such as reading, listening, curriculum, language comprehension and expression). They design and deliver programs to address speech, language and communication deficits as part of the range of special education programs and services. They collaborate with other specialists and with classroom teachers in the design and delivery of their services. Their services may be provided in a resource room setting or in a “natural” setting such as a classroom or, for older students, a workplace.