Contact Information

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Central Office Contact List:



Lisa Carter


Executive Secretary & Board Clerk

Tina Bunce

Asst. Superintendent

Jeanine Rose


District Application Coordinator

Amanda Kilian


EL Coordinator

Celina Huber


Admin. Asst. to Asst. Superintendent

Gale Caruso


Director Pupil Services

Rebecca Gaschel-Clark


Secretary to the Director

Jody Pegorari

Super. Special Ed

Ashley Holmes


Admin. Assist. to Supervisor

Nadine Andrew


Business Manager

Sam Herrick


Human Resources

Michele Curtis


Business Office Operations Specialist

Rita Limbos


Payroll and Benefits Specialist

Christine Olownia


Exec. Secretary to Business Manager

Sara Woloszyn


Region 1 Principals:


Cornwall Consolidated

Leanne Maguire

Kent Center

Michelle Mott

Lee H. Kellogg

Stacey Calo

North Canaan

Alicia Roy, PhD

Salisbury Central

Stephanie Magyar

Salisbury Central Asst. Principal

John Conklin

Sharon Center

Carol Tomkalski


Ian Strever

HVRHS Asst. Principal

Steven Schibi

Contact information for school employees are on the school’s website; below are links to each school’s website and their phone number.