The Regional Schools Services Center (RSSC), also known as Central Office, provides cost effective and required services to each of the seven schools and seven boards of education (BOE) within the region. The elementary schools of Region 1 (K-8): Lee H. Kellogg, Cornwall Consolidated, Kent Center, North Canaan Elementary, Salisbury Central, and Sharon Center are autonomous, but are joined in a consortium to ensure that all students have quality education and the same experiences and opportunities before entering Housatonic Valley Regional High School (HVRHS, grades 9-12).

All the Boards share services, e.g., special education, curriculum development, professional development, teacher evaluation, personnel services, testing, and general administration and employ a Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent/s to lead and manage the school district. (The Superintendent is a ex-officio, nonvoting, member of the Region 1 School Board and serves as the chief executive officer of the Board, along with each of the Boards of Education of the member towns within the school district. The superintendent provides indirect and direct assistance to each of the Boards covered in the Joint Employment Agreement.)


The Superintendent ensures Board policies and federal and state laws and regulations are adhered to throughout the district. In harmony with the policies of the Board of Education, and federal and state laws and regulations, the Superintendent has executive authority over the school system and the responsibility for its supervision.

The Assistant Superintendent is responsible for managing and coordinating the curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development in the schools across the seven districts in Region 1. The position provides the system oversight, consistency, and vision for most of the activities related to teaching and learning processes and facilitates implementation of the district’s mission and goals, as established by each school’s Strategic Plan for School Improvement. The Assistant Superintendent helps ensure that districts meet their goals. The Assistant Superintendent also monitors and evaluates whether school programs are meeting the goals established by the Superintendent, RSSC/Central Office, Building Administrators (School Principals), and the Boards of Education.

Superintendent Lisa Carter

Mrs. Carter has been an educator in Region 1 since 2002. Prior to becoming Superintendent, she held the positions of Assistant Superintendent from 2017-2020, Salisbury Central School Principal from 2011-2017 and Social Studies teacher at Housatonic Valley Regional High School (HVRHS) from 2002-2011. While teaching at Housatonic, she opened the relationship with the Shandong Experimental School in Jinan, China and introduced the Civic Life Project, a program that teaches civics through the production of short documentary films.

Prior to teaching, Carter worked for the U.S. State Department, where she helped write the curriculum for teaching Foreign Service Officers how to speak Mandarin Chinese. She also worked for Union Oil Company of California building their programs and relationships in China. Additionally, she worked as a general management consultant with the Hay Group, specializing in organizational effectiveness and management succession planning.

Ms. Carter holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mandarin Chinese and a minor in Business from Georgetown University, a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, and a second Master’s in Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University.

Asst. Superintendent Jeanine Rose

On May 31, 2022, the Region 1 Board of Education appointed Dr. Jeanine M. Rose its new Assistant Superintendent of Schools.  Dr. Rose, a resident of Bloomfield, CT, had been the Interim K-12 Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction in the Suffield Public Schools. Prior to that, she served for seven years as a Suffield’s Grades 6-12 Humanities Curriculum Coach.

Dr. Rose began her career teaching English at Rockville, High School in Vernon, CT.  After a year in Rockville, she spent eight years teaching Language Arts in the Suffield Middle School.  In 2008, Rose joined the staff at Suffield High School as an English teacher, a role she held until he was named Curriculum Coach in 2015.

Dr. Rose impressed the 15-member search committee with her passion for supporting teachers in professional development, knowledge of resources to support student learning, and the importance she placed on making data-informed decisions. Rose earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from U Conn and her Master of Arts in English Literature and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University.