Business Office Overview

Business Office

The School Business Manager serves as the chief financial officer of the district under the direction of the Superintendent. He is a major part of the RSSC/Central Office Team and assists in seeing that the schools meet their educational aims. The Business Manager promotes the highest standards of business ethos within the administrative function of the school and strategically ensures the most effective use of resources in support of the school’s learning objectives. The Business Manager assists in the planning and managing in accordance with the Strategic Plan for School Improvement.

In Region 1, the Business Manager’s role is wider than financial monitoring and projection. The role involves additional responsibilities such as line management of staff in relation to premises management, project management, marketing, personnel and payroll, or health and safety matters. The Business Manager also oversees Human Resources for non-certified staff, as well as health and safety management of the region; they also participate in contract negotiations and taking delegated responsibility for financial and other decisions. The Business Manager oversees the efficient use of school resources, such as insurance and other staff benefits, cleaning contracts, and money saving opportunities for region wide resources.

The Business and Human Resources Office serves all seven of the school districts within Region One.

Business Manager Sam Herrick

Mr. Herrick has been the Business Manager of Region 1 School District since 1998. Before that he worked in the Private Banking Industry before moving onto his Public-School career which began in Newington Public Schools as an Assistant Business Manager. Mr. Herrick’s experience outside of his current role also includes coaching youth sports, sitting as President of various Booster Clubs, and leading fundraising efforts. He was also a member and Treasurer of the Salisbury Rotary Club.  When not in the office, he enjoys hiking, cycling, and other outdoor adventures. He is a proud father of his 3 children, Hannah, Caitlyn, and Graham.

Mr. Herrick graduated from UMass Amherst with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Financial Services from RPI. Sam holds a CT School Business Administration Certification (085).