Region 1

Boards of Education

Located in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut, Region 1 is composed of the towns of Canaan, Cornwall, Kent, North Canaan, Salisbury and Sharon; it was the first geographic area in the state to come together to build a regional high school.  Region 1 has a unique organization:

    • Each of the six towns is its own school district and has a K-8 elementary school governed by an autonomous board of education.  (Pupil Services also manages a Preschool program; click HERE to learn more about it).
    • The high school, Housatonic Valley Regional High School, is governed by the Regional School District No. 1 Board of Education.
    • Each Board meets monthly during the school year and oversees the development of budgets and policies, and supports the principal and staff of their respective school.
    • The All Board Chairs (ABC) Committee is comprised of the chairmen of each of the seven boards of education in Region One. This committee oversees the operation of the Regional School Services Center (RSSC AKA Central Office).
    • Questions about the Region 1 Board of Education or the ABC Committee should be directed to the Regional Board Clerk at
    • The CT Association of Boards of Education (CABE) has a public website that provides information on various topics such as: education, advocacy and other areas of general support to local and regional boards of education.  We encourage all board and interested community members to visit the site: CABE – CT Association of Boards of Education.

The six town Board of Education (BOE) buttons take you to the BOE page on their elementary school website. The Region 1 BOE button links you to a list of members, current agendas, minutes and videos.  The committees has similar information for the committees.