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Updated 2017/18 Estimated Expenditures

With the purpose of providing a more accurate picture of the Region's 2017/18 estimated expenditures, we have updated the Proposed 2018/19 Budget column entitled, "2017/18 Est. Expend."  Click here to see the latest edition of the budget.  We are publishing this document in order for our constituents to know the actual expenditures for the current year, 2017/18.  It is an administrative function to track expenses.  It is both legal and appropriate to publish these documents, as they are updated, to continue to keep the community informed.  It is important to note, the 2018/19 Proposed Budget column remains unchanged from that which was approved by the Board of Education and which was presented to the public at a hearing on Thursday, April 5, 2018.  We are more than willing to answer any questions, please feel free to reach out via email or by phoning our office at (860) 824-0855.