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Information to Parents and Community - Food Programs for Students

From: Dr. Pam Vogel

Re:       Food Programs for Students *

Date:   March 20, 2020

We have a number of families who have started to receive meals this week. We would like to provide food to all families to help with this time of uncertainty, so we hope that all families contact their school principal to let them know to add students’ names to the list.

New Information:

Any student enrolled in our school can receive food and also for siblings under the age of 18.  This is for children, regardless if the children are of school age. This program is for “Emergency School Closures”, for all students and at no cost to families. 

We need to keep the delivery lists updated, so that our Food Service Staff knows how many meals to prepare and we can be sure the bus routes are correct.

Five of our seven school districts are a part of the Federal School Lunch Program: HVRHS, North Canaan, Salisbury, Sharon, and Kent. Falls Village and Cornwall are not a part of the Federal School Lunch Program. Still, we want to ensure that food delivery is made to all families.

If a sibling of a student who attends either LHK or CCS attends the High School, then those families can receive breakfast and lunches for all children in the family under the age of 18, including young children not yet of school age.

Here are some different scenarios to help understand. Please see which one is for your family:

Example 1: A High School student has siblings who are not in school; there are infants or toddlers in the home. All children in the home should be counted and included in the breakfast and lunch program. The High School staff will box up food for those families. These meals will be prepared at the High School and delivered on the bus route for the home school.

Example 2: A High School student has siblings at Cornwall or at LHK. All of the children in the home will be counted and included in the in the breakfast and lunch program. These meals will be prepared at the High School and delivered on the CCS or LHK route.

If you are a family whose child(ren) attends LHK or CCS, please contact your school principal or school secretary and they will add your name to the list. We need to know the family name and the number of children in the family. We do not need individual children’s names; only the family name and the number of children to be included, which also includes children under the age of six (children who are not yet in school).

Example 3: Children at CCS or LHK do not have siblings at the High School. Food will be prepared through other community resources.

A very generous offer from White Hart in Salisbury was made recently to us and they will be preparing food for families who would like to receive meals in our schools. White Hart will be making food for the LHK students who do not have a sibling at the High School. White Hart plans to start this on Monday, March 23 and the meals will be delivered to LHK students by All-Star buses. The food will be prepared for all children in the home.

Cornwall is working with Heather Dineen, Director of Social Services, who has organized meals for CCS families. Cornwall students who do not have siblings at the High School will receive meals from the community agencies and they will run their own delivery system. This food is also for all children in the home.

Regarding all deliveries by All-Star buses (Cornwall will run their own transportation system; all other towns are using our buses), please understand the following information. We want to reinforce the importance of keeping the delivered meals wholesome and safe.  Meals cannot be left out in front of homes, food needs to be left at the bus stop or placed outside the front door.  

  1. A school bus will pull up in front of your home or at the bus stop on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between the hours of 9 AM and 11 AM with packaged breakfast and lunch meals for your children. 
  2. A school staff member will come out of the bus, but cannot come into your home or ring your doorbell. Please be prepared to come out and pick up your children’s meals. 
  3. On Monday and Wednesday, you will receive breakfast and lunch foods for 2 days. On Friday, you will receive breakfast and lunch foods for 1 day.  
  4. Many of these foods need to be refrigerated. Please store milk, cheese, sandwiches, etc. in your refrigerator until ready to serve to your child(ren). 
  5. If you will not be able to receive the food in the delivery time frame, please leave a cooler with a secure lid outside your door, labeled with the student’s last name. We want your food to stay safe!  

This past Monday, our first delivery day, some drivers went door to door to homes and to regular bus stops, and families did not know that the food was there. It is important for the drivers to have an organized list of student names with their address, and the number of meals that are to be left at each home. We need families to also be ready to pick up their food.

Unless the bus driver or bus company has communicated otherwise with the school, delivery will be to the student’s normal bus stop area. For some, this is at the end of an intersection or their road.

Because of the difficulty some buses have to reach some homes, we ask for these families to place a cooler with their name on it at the end of their intersection or road. Please make arrangements for this on Monday.

Thank you for carefully reading this information. We do hope that every family considers using this opportunity, as we recognize that there are expected to be hard times in the weeks ahead.

If you have questions, please contact your school principal.

Please be safe, take care of yourself and others, and stay healthy.

* This information is for all families to better understand the Food Program being provided through our schools.

Each principal will be receiving this letter and personalize the letter to communicate the information most pertinent to their school community. The letter will be sent to all families in their school district.