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Honoring "Those Who Contribute to HVRHS" at the April Board of Education Meeting

At the April 2, 2018 Region One Board of Education Meeting, Board Chair Bob Whelan honored (from left to right in the photo) Rachel Matsudaira, Phil Hart, John Lizzi, and Mia Tittmann.  These four people were nominated at the March Board meeting as "Those Who Contribute to HVRHS."  At the March meeting:
  • Chair Whelan nominated Rachel Matsudaira, stating that her efforts are selfless and that she recently stepped up to the plate for an incident that occurred in VoAg.
  • Ms. Weigel nominated John Lizzi for preparing students for “what comes next.”  She stated that he has also re-formed the debate team, was a main player in the formation of the PLP, and is very involved in the civic life program.
  • Ms. Weigel also nominated Mia Tittman, a student, for her article that was published in the Lakeville Journal.  She exemplified bravery in taking a stand in such a controversial issue, and is a great model for us all. 
  • Mr. Sanders nominated Phil Hart for his many years of service to the Regional Board and the local Cornwall Board, his continued service to the Arboretum and Landscaping Committee, and his service to Cornwall Consolidated School. 
Overall Rating:   100%, Count: 1