Attention Prospective Parents and Students:

We are receiving an unprecedented number of inquiries for Fall, 2020 admissions.
Please email Principal Ian Strever at to inquire about the admissions process.

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4/10/2020 Information for Families

Dear Families,

First of all, I want to thank you for the help you have given to our students these past weeks. Life is upside down for everyone, as now family members are placed with the responsibility of helping children learn and communicate online, at the same time family schedules and situations are far from normal. We greatly appreciate all that you are doing to support your children and each other through a trying time.

The following is important information for everyone to know.

School Closure- As you may already know, Governor Lamont  announced today that we will be out of school until at least May 20. As that date comes closer, information from health departments will determine when we return to school. The Education Commissioner also spoke earlier today and shared more about the following topics.

Learning and Grading - We do understand that not all students are learning at the same pace and that they will be in different places with our learning when this time passes. We understand that some students are going to experience loss of some previous learning during this time and that students and families are contending with different circumstances. We ask that you continue to communicate with your child’s teachers and let them know what your student needs and what we can do to help. Regarding grading, schools districts can decide how grading will occur. There is information coming to families about how we will assess how your child is doing for this period of time when we are out of school. We will be providing resources for students when everyone is able to return to school; this may be summer school opportunities. We will certainly keep everyone apprised of what we offer.

Graduation- There is much discussion around this and more thoughts about how schools may be able to conduct this will be considered. At the same time, we are in an unprecedented time and we must keep the safety of everyone in mind.

Technology- Some of our teachers and students have been using Zoom as one of our learning and communication tools. However, currently, there are some issues with the program. There is the chance that malware can seep into the system and harm computers and network systems. For this reason, we are making a change from Zoom to Google Meets. We understand that this will be a change for some, as teachers, paras, students and families adapt to the change. We are providing some time for our teachers and paras to make the change to Google Meets and expect that everyone will be using Google Meets in the next few weeks.

Please feel free to contact me or your principal if you have questions about anything related to our school closure and your child’s education. Communication during this time is vital.

I wish all of you a safe and healthy break. Please take good care of yourselves.

Dr. Pam Vogel