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Elementary Schools

Where the learning begins! Click above to see links to all six of our elementary schools.

High School

The Housatonic Valley Regional High School provides an enriching educational experience for grades 9 - 12.


The Regional School Services Center (RSSC) provides services to all seven schools in personnel, business and finance, curriculum, and special education.

What's Happening

  • SMART Recovery Program for Ages 15-18


  • The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”)

    The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”) goes into effect Wednesday, April 1, 2020.


  • Meals for Students/Children

    Our schools, community agencies, and the White Hart, in Salisbury, are preparing meals for our students of all ages (including little ones at home) and this food is available due to "Emergency School Closures". There is no charge to any family and our buses are helping to deliver food to homes. If you have not yet signed up for these and wish to receive them, please contact your school principal. 

    NEW INFORMATION today: Any of the school sites that are preparing food for meals can also serve meals for all children 18 and younger and the children and do not have to be attending the school in the district. So, home school children or families who attend schools in other places, but who live in the area, can also receive meals. Please notify families of this change. 


  • Region 1 Unity

    Our region is very strong.  We are showing our strength in so many ways.  Here's one more way, and I hope you will join in.  It's pretty simple. Create hearts out of any kind of paper you have, then decorate them any way you wish.  Paste the hearts on the windows of your home, on your car, or even on your mailbox. Let people know that we are Region 1 Strong.  When you then leave your home for food or take a safe walk in the neighborhood, you can smile, when you see the hearts, knowing that we are all in this together.  #Region1Unity...more

  • Information to Parents and Community - Food Programs for Students

    From: Dr. Pam Vogel

    Re:  Food Programs for Students *

    Date:   March 20, 2020

    We have a number of families who have started to receive meals this week. We would like to provide food to all families to help with this time of uncertainty, so we hope that all families contact their school principal to let them know to add students’ names to the list.


Notes from the Superintendent

  • September 2019 - Our Focus

    We have had a good beginning to our school year. Our administrative team is cohesive and forward thinking; our teachers and support staff understand that we seek excellence in our schools and that our boards and the administration will support them as they strive for this.

    An important part of our story is sharing the news about what it is that our schools provide. Communication is everything- telling others about what exists, the wide variety of programs and opportunities, the caring environment, and, based on student needs, more that we anticipate needs to take place.


Regional Highlights

Raising Awareness about Human Trafficking in the Northwest Corner

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