Learning: Communication to Parents, Students and Community

Learning: Communication to Parents, Students and Community
Posted on 02/28/2017
For the past year and a half, the Region 1 Board of Education and administration have been discussing possible instructional changes at the high school.  Our Region is facing the challenge of declining enrollment and increased costs to the schools, at the same time understanding that a quality education is the key to each student's successful future.  The ultimate goal is to increase student learning and achievement for all students.  The Board and administration want to ensure that each student has access to personalized learning opportunities that prepares them for life beyond high school.

The meeting held on February 23 was to help inform possible changes in grading practices, scheduling, and Mastery Based Learning opportunities.  A number of documents were shared.  These have been included below for the public to review.

Following the Parent and Student meeting, it was decided that meetings will be conducted with groups of students to determine what students believe to be optimal learning opportunities at HVRHS.  When that information is collected, it will be shared with the staff, parents and community.  It may take some time to gather enough data to ensure that the data are representative of the student body.  However, we feel that this process is important, in order to know what students believe to be necessary for their success at Housatonic.  The Region 1 Board of Education has been very clear that the message they wish for all students, parents, and community members to know is:

"In order for us to prepare each child for what comes next, we must align vision, practice and expectations among all stakeholders."

That is our belief and the reason we all understand it to be important to keep all of our stakeholders apprised of what we learn.

~ Region 1 and HVRHS High School Administration

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